Yoga at Kookaburra Creek

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Yoga at Kookaburra Creek is derived from the ancient Raja and Hatha Yoga traditions which have been practiced in India for thousands of years. At Kookaburra Creek, the essence of yoga is retained, while the practices taught have evolved to be relevant, accessible and practical to contemporary students.

At its most fundamental level, Hatha Yoga was originally intended to bring the body, mind and spirit into harmony and balance so the deeper practices of Raja Yoga could be done with greater ease, leading the practitioner towards liberation. In modern times our goal may be different - to strive for perfect health, to be well, to cope with stress, to find a lasting inner peace and spiritual purpose - when there is a clear goal in mind, yoga provides the pathway toward attaining it.

When practised regularly and sincerely Yoga has the potential to bring us into harmony and balance, and bring about healing of both body and mind. Meditation is simply a a state of mind which can be accessed through the practices of Raja Yoga to bring calmness and control to the thoughts, emotions and outer sensation

What's happening at Kookaburra?
We have a full program of courses, casual classes, weekend workshops, one day retreats, corporate retreat days and international retreats - to suit all levels of experience. You can book by clicking the button at the right, and scroll down for information on our upcoming program...

5 Week Introductory Courses

Absolute Beginners Yoga Course
Monday 1st Feb 5.30pm
Wednesday 3rd Feb 7pm - THIS COURSE IS FULL
Wednesday 9th March 7pm
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Introduction to Meditation Course
Wednesday 3rd Feb 8pm 
Wednesday 9th March 8pm
Wednesday 27th April 8pm 
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Casual Yoga Classes
Day and evening classes in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Kids Yoga, Meditation. All levels including Beginners. Bookings not required for casual classes but please arrive at least 15 minutes early. Classes $12.

Mastering Mindfulness Workshops
13th Feb Finding love, acceptance and forgiveness
12th March Practices for managing pain and life transitions
30th April Who am I? Finding answers to the eternal questions 
Saturdays 10am-1pm.  $40 includes vegetarian morning tea.
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Sound Silence Stillness 1 Day Retreat
A deeply relaxing and restorative day at Kookaburra. Includes live sound healing with guest sound healer. $85 includes vegetarian morning tea, lunch.
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India Retreat Information Session 
Bookings are now open for the Himalaya Yoga Retreat Sept 22nd - 8th Oct. If you are interested or just curious about yoga in India please attend our Information Session Saturday 6th February 10am-12pm. RSVP
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